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November 11, 2006 by theknitter
New Page 7Child abuse inquiry told of 'striking deference' to religiousPatsy McGarry, Religious Affairs Correspondent 14/06/2006

There was "very significant deference" in the Department of Education towards religious congregations, the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse was told yesterday. The department's secretary general, Brigid McManus, was responding to Marian Shanley, a member of the investigative committee, who had asked whether there was any sense in which "the depa...
November 11, 2006 by theknitter
New Page 6Sorrowful mysteries etched into bleeding fingers
By FINTAN O'TOOLE The Irish Times - Friday, March 01, 1996

STRANGELY enough, of all the images in Louis Lentin's superb documentary film on Goldenbridge orphanage, the most disturbing for me was not one of the violent ones - a child deliberately scalded with boiling water or beaten with a club until her whole leg from ankle to hip burst open.  We see so much brutality on the screen that most of us, I suppose, have learned how to ...
November 11, 2006 by theknitter
New Page 5Brothers should be contrite Founded on Fear by Peter Tyrrell

Mary Raftery 19/10/2006

Primo Levi, the Italian writer who gave us probably the most compelling account of life and death in a German concentration camp, told of a recurring nightmare common among inmates. He and his fellow sufferers at Auschwitz dreamt of a time in the future when they were free and were trying to tell people of the horrors in the camps, of the depths of depravity to which human beings are capable of s...
November 11, 2006 by theknitter
New Page 4Exhumation examination shows boy had skull damage
By CHRIS DOOLEY The Irish Times - Thursday, April 19, 2001
An examination of the remains of a 13-year-old boy exhumed yesterday in Kilkenny found that his skull had been damaged. The remains of Willie Delaney were disinterred at St Kieran's Cemetery as part of a long-running Garda investigation into allegations of sexual and physical abuse of children at a reform school in Letterfrack, Co Galway. The remains were taken to St Luke's H...
November 11, 2006 by theknitter
New Page 3Brother says abuse took place in LetterfrackMartin Wall  17/06/2005 Irish Times

Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse: A senior member of the Christian Brothers has accepted that boys were abused at St Joseph's Industrial School at Letterfrack, Co Galway, but has completely rejected claims that there had been suspicious or mysterious deaths in the institution. Brother David Gibson, provincial leader, St Mary's Province of the Christian Brothers, said abuse had been carried out...
November 11, 2006 by theknitter
New Page 2State 'ultimately responsible' for children in carePatsy McGarry 13/06/2006 Irish Times

The secretary general of the Department of Education and Science has accepted that the State had "ultimate responsibility" for the care of children held in residential institutions owned and managed by religious congregations. Replying to a question from Patrick Hanratty, senior counsel for the Christian Brothers, Brigid McManus yesterday said "the State had chosen to take the chil...
November 11, 2006 by theknitter
Christian BrothersChristian Brother thanked Burke over rezoning decisionOlivia Kelly & Martin Wall  11/11/2006 Irish Times

Mahon tribunal: A senior Christian Brother has said he wrote to the former Fianna Fáil minister Ray Burke in 1993 to thank him for Fianna Fáil's support in passing a Dublin County Council rezoning motion, even though Mr Burke had not been a member of the council since 1987.  The Christian Brothers were in the early to mid-1990s seeking to have 70 acres of th...
October 12, 2005 by theknitter
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11 - The confidential personnel files of 126 clergymen in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles accused of sexual misconduct with children provide a numbing chronicle of 75 years of the church's shame, revealing case after case in which the church was warned of abuse but failed to protect its parishioners.
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Ric Francis/Associated Press

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony has remained the leader of the Los Angeles Archdiocese despite numerous sexual abuse...
August 28, 2005 by theknitter
August 26, 2005 by theknitter
LETTERFRACKWhile Letterfrack holds these graves these boys will NEVER be at rest 

August 3, 2005 by theknitter
NUNS STORES Maureen O’Connell, a deputy of the Dail, responded to allegations that babies were being taken from England to Ireland then sold for export saying;

‘In three years 523 babies have been sent to America.’

The full extent of Baby Trafficking in the Republic of Ireland, where the first Adoption Law was passed in 1959, is still emerging.

Baby Trafficking in the Republic of Ireland is referred to ...
August 3, 2005 by theknitter
August 1, 2005 by theknitter
New Page 2 The Abusers Would the fact that I NAMED Br. O'HANLON, of the Rosminian Order, as my abuser SHAME HIM? Would Br. O'HANLON be vilified in his own "religious community"?

Would Br. O'HANLON's "religious community" ostracise him ?

Would the fact that I NAMED Br. O'HAGEN, of the Rosminian Order, as my abuser SHAME HIM?

Would Br. O'HAGEN be vilified in his own "religious community"?

Would Br. O'HAGEN's "religious community" ostracise him...
August 1, 2005 by theknitter
New Page 1 WHAT KIERAN SAID ... about tommo the craze the thing i cant forgive about being in the institutions is when other children used to rob stuff from us. we had very little to and when someone robbed off of you it was very sad. i was sent in a pair of socks from my mother and a shirt and the socks were robbed off of me. it was an awful thing to do. i know who robbed them and he robbed loads of people and us children were afraid of him as he was liked by...